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Welcome to Bragg About It Guns & Ammo! We are a family owned & operated gun store based in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, conveniently located between Louisville and Lexington. We offer a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, and handguns as well as ammunition and firearms training and concealed carry courses. We are proud to provide some of the most affordable prices in the state. Our goal is to have the best customer service anywhere.

As fellow gun enthusiasts and advocates, we know the ins and outs of every rifle, handgun, and shotgun in our store. We are ready to supply you with top-of-the-line firearms and ammunition. Our staff is glad to offer safety, cleaning and additional training for each customer purchase. We also offer semi-monthly concealed carry courses for Kentucky CCDW permit. Our online customers can take advantage of our affordable pricing by having their order shipped to their preferred FFL dealer. Whether ​you want to Hunt, Collect, or Protect, you’re sure to find the perfect gun in our shop.

We pride ourselves on our unrivaled customer service. When you purchase from our store, our staff will go the extra mile to train you on how you can keep your gun in peak condition. Whether you buy in person, or online, our goal is to provide the best gun buying experience possible. Interested in getting your concealed carry permit? We offer a $75 training course right in our shop. Whether it’s your first shotgun or your hundredth hunting rifle, we can provide you with incomparable service and highly affordable prices. Hunt, Collect or Protect - Bragg About It Guns & Ammo has got you covered!

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